New Project to Monitor and Conserve Species at Risk in the Coquitlam River Watershed


Species at Risk (SAR) biologists, including Aimee Mitchell (biologist with the Coastal Painted Turtle Project), have received funding through BC Hydro's Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program for a SAR Project in the Coquitlam Watershed.

As of April 2013, biologists started on Phase 1 of what will hopefully be a 5 year project. Building on actions ongoing in the Alouette Watershed, this project seeks to expand species at risk identification, protection and stewardship in the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland, and ensure continuity of species at risk recovery actions throughout the region and between projects. Species of interest include Western Painted Turtle, Red-legged Frog and Pacific Water Shrew as their habitats are in need of immediate attention to avoid any further decline in populations and to improve success of future population recovery.

The project will build partnerships with organizations such as the City of Coquitlam, the Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable, the South Coast Conservation Program and BCIT and part of the research will be conducted on City land such as Coquitlam River Park. The project biologists will be in Coquitlam River Park on June 4th conducting SAR surveys with BCIT students and will also have a booth and display set up at Coquitlam Celebrates Canada Day.

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