Updating the UDI & City of Coquitlam on Development Action Plans


On October 26, Blaire Chisholm, Vice-President of Brook Pooni & Associates, and Roundtable Core Committee development sector representative, provided an update on the Roundtable’s progress to launch strategies for action from its Lower Coquitlam River Watershed Plan. Members of the Urban Development Institute (UDI) / City of Coquitlam Committee were briefed on the Plan’s 3 Key Areas for action: Stormwater, Development and Invasive Species.

Development was rated as a HIGH pressure that affects riparian areas, natural areas, liveable communities, and recreation. The Watershed Plan includes strategies for action that can mutually reduce development pressures and improve watershed health. Provided current multi-year funding support by the Real Estate Foundation of BC that supports the Roundtable and its watershed plan work, the sectors that directly benefit from actions are needed to help implement the actions.

Specifically, a Development Incentives Feasibility Study involving the development community with technical experts to develop potential incentive tools for the development community has been drafted. Early work has been started by technical professionals, but further work is pending direct funding support from UDI members and the larger development and real estate community.

In-kind support to participate in Task Group meetings is welcomed. Cash contributions provided includes recognition and a tax receipt. For more information, contact Blaire Chisholm or the Roundtable Coordinator.






Our Roundtable Watershed Coordinator can be reached at coordinator@coquitlamriverwatershed.ca

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