Mission and Values


A Common Vision for the Watershed

A vision is a description of an ideal future that the Roundtable will contribute to. 
The Common Vision and Values statement was finalized during Workshop # 2, March 14, 2009, and signed off by the participants in attendance.
Our Common Vision is:

A healthy watershed supported and enjoyed by the community in a manner that respects our common values through:

  • Partnerships and collaboration;
  • Education, stewardship, and monitoring;
  • Conservation and green economics; and,
  • Responsible decision making 

In perpetuity.

Our Values for the watershed

  • Ecosystem integrity;
  • Home/Heritage/Culture;
  • Native bio-diversity;
  • Natural beauty;
  • Natural resources;
  • Protected areas;
  • Public access;
  • Recreation;
  • Responsibility to protect;
  • Spiritual qualities; and,
  • Sustainability.

Kwikwetlem known as Coquitlam – “Red fish up the river” – a living river that reveals its spirit

Guiding Principles for the Roundtable

Guiding principles are proactive statements about the way the Roundtable will operate to achieve its mission. The guiding principles are:

  • Accountable
  • Adaptive
  • Consensus-based decision-making
  • Effective and Credible
  • Inclusive and Respectful
  • Influential and Responsible
  • Proactive approach
  • Relationship-building

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement below was developed during workshops held in 2009 and 2010, and finalized at the public Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable meeting held on November 5, 2011.

Our Mission: 

The Coquitlam River Watershed Roundtable will:

  • Facilitate collaborative resolution of urban growth and natural resource use pressures consistent with agreed community objectives and values, 
  • Inform and educate people about these matters and the watershed and,

Promote and support conservation of a sustainable, healthy watershed environment.






Our Roundtable Watershed Coordinator can be reached at coordinator@coquitlamriverwatershed.ca

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